With our powerful and efficient Jet Washing Service, Revival Cleaning can blast your pavings, stone floors and exterior walls clean. It’s essential to ensure your pavements are clean and moss-free to prevent slips, trips and falls – don’t put the safety of your visitors, staff or residents at risk.

It’s not only the insides of business premises that need care and attention; it’s also important to make sure your building’s exteriors are looking their best and are free from grime and worn on dirt. The walls and paving to your business are subjected to the elements all year round – you would be surprised just how dirty they can get in a short period of time. We all know first impressions count for a lot so ensuring the exteriors of your premises compliment the service you provide is vitally important.

Rid your exterior walls of worn on dirt with a Jet Wash servicing from Revival Cleaning

Revival Cleaning use a powerful Kärcher Dirtblaster to Jet Wash away the dirt spread by the wind and rain. Walls and Exteriors that are looking old, worn and dirty can be blasted clean to look like they’ve just been built with a little help from the Revival Cleaning team and our powerful Jet Washing equipment.

The vast difference after Revival’s Jet Washing Service is clear to see

For that extra-clean look, Revival Cleaning can treat your pavings with soda crystals in order to rid them of any algae that may covering them or lurking in-between the cracks. Once left overnight, these effective soda crystals can be washed away with the Kärcher Dirtblaster.

Our Kärcher Dirtblaster is suitable for use on any type of stone floor – look at the results!

Our Jet Washing service isn’t restricted to paving stones; Revival will get great results on any type of stone flooring and have your exteriors looking clean and ensure they are safe. Whether you desire a one-off clean or our recommended, bespoke jet wash cleaning plan, you won’t be disappointed with the service Revival Cleaning provide.

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*Please Note: A minimum fee of £60.00 applies to our Jet Washing Service


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